Brighton Bathing Boxes

By Thearchdrive on 07 March, 2023
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Designing the Brighton Bathing Boxes

Brighton Bathing Boxes are a famous and iconic feature of Brighton Beach, a beachside suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The bathing boxes are a series of colorful, wooden structures that line the beach and serve as small private changing rooms and storage units for beachgoers.

The design of the bathing boxes is quite simple, yet elegant. They are typically made of timber and are rectangular in shape, measuring around 2.4 meters wide by 2.4 meters deep and 2.5 meters tall. The boxes have pitched roofs and are painted in bright, bold colors, with each box featuring its own unique design.

Brighton beach is renowned for its iconic bathing boxes. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

The original bathing boxes were built in the early 1900s and were primarily used by wealthy Melburnians who would visit the beach for the day. At that time, swimming in public was considered immodest, and the bathing boxes provided a private space where people could change into their swimwear.

Over time, the bathing boxes became more popular, and their design began to evolve. Today, there are around 90 bathing boxes along Brighton Beach, each with its own unique design and color scheme. Some are decorated with murals, while others feature ornate carvings or other embellishments.

Overall, the design of the Brighton Bathing Boxes is a testament to the area’s rich history and culture, and they continue to be a beloved feature of the beach today.

What’s inside the Brighton bathing boxes

Brighton Bathing Boxes are primarily used as private changing rooms and storage units for beachgoers. As they are privately owned, the contents of each box may vary depending on the owner’s preferences. However, typically, the boxes are used to store beach equipment and personal belongings, such as towels, sunscreen, chairs, and toys. Some people also use the boxes as a place to relax or have a picnic, as some of the larger boxes can accommodate seating areas and small tables. It is important to note that the boxes are not available for rent or sale and are intended for the use of their owners only.

Can I rent Brighton bathing boxes?

Brighton Bathing Boxes are privately owned and are not typically available for rent. The bathing boxes are passed down from generation to generation and are often owned by families who have had them for many years. The boxes are intended for the personal use of their owners only, and they are not available for commercial use or rental. However, visitors to Brighton Beach can still enjoy viewing the colorful bathing boxes and taking photos of them from the beach or boardwalk. There are also other amenities, such as public changing rooms, showers, and toilets available nearby for beachgoers to use.

What are Brighton bathing boxes used for

Brighton Bathing Boxes are primarily used as private changing rooms and storage units for beachgoers. They provide a convenient and secure location for people to change into their swimwear and store their personal belongings while enjoying the beach. As they are privately owned, the contents of each box may vary depending on the owner’s preferences, but they often include beach equipment such as towels, chairs, and toys.

In addition to their practical use, the Brighton Bathing Boxes are also a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of the area’s rich history and culture. Many visitors come to Brighton Beach to admire the colorful and unique designs of the boxes and take photos of them. The bathing boxes have become an iconic feature of the beach, and they are often used as a backdrop for wedding and family photoshoots.

How to get to Brighton bathing boxes

Brighton Bathing Boxes are located in Brighton Beach, a beachside suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. There are a few different ways to get to Brighton Beach depending on where you are coming from:

  1. By Car: Brighton Beach is located around 11 kilometers from Melbourne’s city center, and there are several car parks available near the beach. From the city center, take Nepean Highway south towards Brighton, turn right onto North Road, then left onto Esplanade.
  2. By Train: The nearest train station to Brighton Beach is Middle Brighton Station, which is located around 800 meters from the beach. From Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station, take the Sandringham Line towards Sandringham, and get off at Middle Brighton Station.
  3. By Tram: There are two tram routes that service Brighton Beach – the 64 and the 67. From Melbourne’s CBD, take the 64 or 67 tram towards Brighton Beach and get off at the last stop.

Once you arrive at Brighton Beach, the bathing boxes are easily visible from the beach and boardwalk. They are located along the foreshore, starting from Dendy Street Beach in the north to North Road in the south.

Click the map to get there.

Brighton bathing boxes photos

The beautiful Brighton Beach offers plenty of chances to capture stunning photos with its colorful bathing boxes. Visitors can also enjoy a breathtaking sunset and twilight views from this beach, with convenient parking available nearby. For those using public transportation, Middle Brighton is the closest station, and it takes about 15 minutes to walk from there to the bathing boxes.

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