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By Thearchdrive on 10 July, 2023
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Following an extraordinary two-year period, IMAGINATOR (previously known as IMAGINARIA) is making a highly anticipated comeback, featuring a significant overhaul of captivating digital and audio elements. This refreshed experience introduces three new installations, each promising a unique and mesmerizing encounter.

First, we have SHAPE—an immersive environment that envelops you in a vivid, gentle, and sensory landscape, offering a complete immersion that will truly captivate your senses.

Next, SHIFT presents a tactile reinterpretation of waves, leaving you to question your own senses as you navigate this thought-provoking installation.

Prepare to be amazed as you delve into these extraordinary installations, all brought to you under the reimagined IMAGINATOR banner.

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Where is IMAGINATOR located in melbourne

Situated in the bustling center of Melbourne, IMAGINATOR stands as an embodiment of a groundbreaking concept, merging imagination and technology to deliver an extraordinary audio-visual play experience that transports you into the realms of the future. Take delight in the diverse installations at your own preferred tempo, allowing the freedom to leisurely explore or devote a full hour to immerse yourself deeply in this unparalleled audiovisual adventure. Whichever path you choose, we wholeheartedly invite you to embark on an immersive journey like no other.

The District Docklands
Waterfront Way, Docklands
Underneath the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

IMAGINATOR Melbourne reviews

IMAGINATOR in Melbourne has garnered positive reviews on Google, with the majority of reviewers highly recommending the experience. According to these reviews, IMAGINATOR offers an immersive adventure that captivates the imagination and leaves a lasting impression. Visitors have expressed appreciation for the innovative fusion of imagination and technology, creating a truly unique audio-visual journey. The reviews highlight the stunning visual displays, interactive elements, and the overall sense of wonder that IMAGINATOR provides. If you’re seeking a captivating and recommended experience, the positive reviews on Google suggest that IMAGINATOR in Melbourne is well worth exploring.

This was a cool experience, would recommend as a one off fun activity if you’re heading to Docklands. They have a few rooms and areas set up with different lights, music & illusions. If you love taking pictures and sensory illusions, you would enjoy it. It may not take you full 1 hour to explore so don’t need to stress if you’re running late for your session. All in all a cool and enjoyable experience!

Local Guide: @MissBollywood4eva

Was pretty fun, you have to take off your shoes so wear socks or you have to borrow a pair. The floor in some parts are mirrors, so skirts be warned, haha. It was smaller than I thought, but it was pretty cool inside with light shows and blow-up apparatuses to play on suited to all ages!

Local Guide: @bec
📸 @abrahamChacko

IMAGINATOR Melbourne tickets

You can purchase tickets online from Ticketmaster’s website here.
Alternatively, there are also tickets available on-site box office subject to availability.

Tickets on sale now via Ticketmaster.
General enquires:

IMAGINATOR Melbourne cost?

All prices
Adult – $29.95
Junior/Concession – $27.95
Family – $88.00 for 2 x adults & 2 x kids
Children under the age of 3 are admitted free

Exchange ticket to another day?

Certainly! Feel free to reach out to on-site box office at 0427 794 688. As it can sometimes be bustling with activity, we encourage you to persistently call until one of our dedicated team members is able to assist you.

Tickets Refundable?

According to the website the tickets are not refundable but they will gladly reschedule your session to another date or time should you be able to attend. Simply contact the Box office one day before your scheduled event via email: or 0427 794 688

What time should you arrive?

To ensure a smooth start to your session, kindly arrive at the terminal 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. Please note that it is necessary to remove your shoes and replace them with the complimentary socks provided before embarking on your journey.

IMAGINATOR Melbourne group discounts

For inquiries regarding group discounts for 14 or more people, kindly send them an email at They would be delighted to provide you with further details and assistance.

Do you sell tickets on site?

Indeed, there is a box office conveniently situated in front of IMAGINATOR, directly beneath the Melbourne Star observation wheel. However, they highly recommend purchasing your tickets online through Ticketmaster’s website using the provided link. This ensures a seamless and efficient ticketing process for your visit.

Tickets on sale now via Ticketmaster.
General enquires:

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